Department of Journalism

The Department of Journalism at St. Aloysius Degree College has a curated program for Journalism Discipline. It is focused on media sector at large. The department aims to impart the importance of public relations and media management,

Functional English, Creative and Content writing, Video and Photography are comprised in Journalism.


To impart value-based quality education to serve the ever-changing global needs in the field of commerce by preparing men and women who will be agents of change.
The Department of Commerce strives to provide quality Commerce education by adopting effective teaching – learning processes along with developing the required values, skills and attitudes to create business leaders with a passion for the world of business who will understand the economic, social, and global context of business.
The course provides a platform for experimental learning and grooms students towards industry specific curriculum with focused approach on specific areas in the field of Commerce.

To promote value-based an education for a society irrespective of caste and creed through knowledge creation and dissemination.
To impart quality education to meet national and global challenges, towards accomplishing its mission.
To provide opportunities to develop creative and communicative skills in order to be equipped in the Journalism and Mass communication sector