Department of Social Work

The Department of Social work helps aspiring students to develop skills required to chart a professional career in Social Welfare. We hone our students emotional-intelligence and help develop an understanding of the prominent political theories. And about the current political scenario of the world. To develop a realistic perspective on the local, national, regional and international issues. We study the ways that communication techniques and technologies shape who we are, how we govern ourselves, and what kind of culture we inhabit.


To impart education and training in Professional Social Work to those desirous of making a career in the fields of Social Work.
To develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values appropriate to work with individuals, groups and communities.
To enable students to develop core values of social work such as competence, social justice, integrity service, relationship and promote dignity and worth of individual
To provide inter-disciplinary collaboration for better understanding and addressing of problems/issues related to human development.
To promote among students a sense of dedication and commitment for appropriate service to cause of the poor, under-privileged and disadvantaged sections of society.
To help one to become an agent of Social Change by having exposure opportunities to areas of social work