Rev. Fr. Anthony Mahendran

Manager & Correspondent

Interaction is a means to build a relation with anyone and anything, it’s a simple way of sharing information. The media plays the role of sharing information from one end to another. Could it began with an oral media to writing media; writing media to print media; print media to digital media and again finally landed up to the same point where we have started from an oral media to again voice media (oral media). The next generation are digital civilized; we prefer to use voice mails tired of using hands, so far in use of Iphone-Siri to Android-Alexa. Where are we heading but nowhere are we all in the same cycle system where we have begun there we are again restarted.

Social media offers a collaborative space for social interaction between seemingly infinite numbers of people and its usage in particular has increased dramatically over the last decade and continues at an incline. Further new decline to resulted, some researchers suggest that even the mere act of watching and use of social media can lead to unhealthy eating and exercise behaviours in young adults.

Pope Francis is optimistic on use of social media yet he warns’ with a pre-cautionary advice: ‘The more we use social media, the less social we are becoming’. “The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity and something truly good, a gift from God.” The internet has become the channel for communications even from the lost space to filled ground. Internet is a gift from God, helps us in sharing the subjective information into the universal, and produces an effective discovery of knowledge from one end of the earth to the least of the creation. St. Aloysius Degree College has come out with a user friendly and informative website. Through this website the students and staff of the institution will benefit in gaining intense details on every courses offered along with their teaching faculties and also it will facilitate the upcoming programs. This website we be searching tool for those lost in this large information world in search of accurate point they need it most. My appreciation to the entire team involved to bring this website. The technology is good and truly a gift from God, if not used in right spirit may lead to psychological, physical and social issues.